Ay Buhay!

 “Yes life is so cruel and unfair, well, at least for me.  I don’t know how to be happy again because everytime I smile and laugh, there’s sadness inside and fear that one day, I will hear all harsh and disrestpectful words from someone that I have done nothing but to love, love and love you.  I may not have given the best you think are not, still, the effort that I have shown is enough to pay you back when you told me that I destroyed you.  Accepting all the hurting words that you have uttered towards me are much of my dismayed when I see that it is the opposite that you do for others. Sabi mo ganito, bawal ang ganito, pero bakit sa iba pwede at kabaligtaran sa sinabi mo sa akin…”

“Finally, I have seen a reason for me to stop dreaming.  It’s time for me to move on and live a bright visions and not be deceived by pure illusions.  Life is beautiful, I know how hard and painful to forget someone you love so much yet it is the best step to begin with rather than be continuously hurt for no valid reasons.  I will cry and cry and cry forever because I admit you will remain forever part of me but in the end, I must learn to smile again……good luck to me and congrats to both of you!

I just wish you will come back but the changed better person that knows how to appreciate, care, dignified without inconsistency, true to your feelings without hiding something trying to defend what is right….


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