Birthday Ko (Thanks be to God!)

I was born on 13th of February, day before the Valentines Day.  But I was not named and/or any name that cling with the occasion.  In fact I have very peculiar name but it’s ok, this is how my parents wanted it to be and I realized it’s not how modern your name is but how you are as a person per se.

Thanks to all who greeted me happy birthday and wishes the best for me.  I may be mean or unpleasant to some but for those who knows me, such as my family, relatives and friends would depict at least few good words towards me.

I was not born with a gold teaspoon in my mouth and with my persistence, I almost spent my life abroad to sustain the needs of family.  I am lucky for having a very loving and God fearing parents and siblings thou trials has always tested our faith otherwise.  I maybe financially stable at press time but never came up to my mind to ignore the obligations I believe meant to me just to be selfish.  My priority is always my family’s safety & security, and that makes me neither more stronger and braver in times that I am too down and depressed. 

For a family who is at the category of “nakakaraos lang (barely surviving)” is very hard to surpass or level up to economy of today if to compare with a well built house constructed with primera clase used materials which is not always victorious with constant calamities that hit it.  Repair is always an entry of debit or loss with no Return of Investment.  Before I will cry always, I will question why it has to happened for good people but I’ve learned we have to face reality and just count the blessings instead.  After all, that is how being successful to me is, as the saying goes…

“Happiness is not the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them”

“If you learn something from a defeat it isn`t a loss”….

 Thank you Lord for another year that is full of blessings and helps from You.

May strong resilience be always my vengeance enable me to rise, rebound, bounce and float from all misfortune, hardships and traumas.


Happy birthday also to the following:

Ai, ate Baby, Randy, Nol, ate Eden, my brod Elly, Russel, niece Weng, cousin Edwin, Nympha, my Ninong Samuel and to everyone who is celebrating their birthday in the month of love.

Of course to my late friend Arnel.


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