Yes, it is a cold season here but it is not so tolerable at negative degree temperature.  Waking up early to work, for one, is just so very hard to achieve everyday.  You can’t even complete the eight hours sleep even you’re covered with numbers of comforter or blanket kahit pa “patong-patong” na ang suot mo,  By the way, what is patong-patong in English hehehe.

Of course, winter is the season of joy for many, as some like it hot is quite obvious as well.

Irrelevant to the subject,  I really like Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago.  She just add thrill and excitement and fire for the what she called boring or cold on-going impeachment trial for Chief Justice.

I admit politics does not interest me but when she began to talk, you will at least understand the subject or issue.


Let’s have a cold beer….please watch the:

Behind The Scenes: A Trip To Summer: The Bench 2012 Summer Collection



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