Yesterday, today and tomorrow…

To comprehend that we should give credits on all what was happened be it good or bad, how happy or sad, is an ordeal on how we became and the gained lessons learned.

As we start the new year 2012, let us always look back at the bad images and experiences  on year 2011.  We all know that we cannot have the 100% success or happiness in life but at least to avoid disaster happens again, everyone should be more significant and not be self-righteous on everything we do, not only for ourselves but also for the mother earth and her children.

Let us all wish and cheer for year 2012 and coming years to be a blessed, peaceful, happy, healthy and full of God’s blessings.

No more typhoon Sendong victims, no more GMA impeachment, no more Ampatuan massacre, no more Ram Revilla, Tyron Perez tragic death, no more occurrence of all of these unbearable issues and be remembered only as the year that was.  Bury all the burdens, forget the unnecessary and step forward for a purpose.  Stand and praise God.

Let us all contribute for a tangible results achieving one goal for the betterment of everyone and our nation.

Happy New Year and God bless us all… 

 On a personal note to God, I am praying for His continuous guidance and support to my family.  May serenity and His steadfast love be our anchor always so as not to question and doubt but be brave and adamant instead that there is no trial that we cannot overcome with God’s grace.  I am sorry that many times I became weak and don’t want to go on and wanted to quit.  I am only human, I and my family hurt many times up to now.  I always uttered it in my prayers why good men suffers, how come you do good yet you deserve the none.  As I am writing, I started to cry again.  My dear God, I pray this will end, enough please, may you grant complete healing especially to my little niece and to anyone else in the world who have similar cases.  May we bind again with your love and give us always courage and strength to win all the battles.  No more problems, no more illness, so that money will never be the subject and root of complains.  Hear our wishes and prayers Lord, amen.


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