Doctor Doctor I am Sick…

It’s winter time!  Grrrrr for me at my age, this is not the perfect weather.  I am not saying I am too old but I like summer slash hot season than cold. Freezing at 6 degrees today, OMG, what more if it became negative, I am sick, very sick. 

Ang hirap kaya matulog pag sobra lamig, di pa naman ako sanay na madami damit or mahaba ang suot pang ibaba, at mas grabe pa na bumangon sa umaga, parang yelo ang tubig at pag naligo toda max ang heater.

That is why, people easily get sick.  I have colds and dry cough.  Kakahiya na umubo at mag singhot sa office.  And I don’t take medicines though especiall cough syrup.

If there is only one hunk and handsome doctor in our Clinic like Doc. Ferdz (VetMed), ako mismo gagawa sa sakit ko just to chance seeing him.


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