Fishing lately…

Got a notification from Twitter saying, “we’ve missed you on twitter”.

Yes it’s true, I haven’t tweet lately. Not only that, it’s been awhile since my last visit to Facebook.

Reasons of being busy includes my pretending I am, tinatamad at pagka umay. It is not the same anymore nung una pa lang na aligaga kang mag search sa mga long lost friends mo, classmates, etc. to have at least a glimpse of their current whereabouts, status and looks.  But didn’t noticed that excitement subsided.

What about my stand at wordpress, admittedly I am a trying hard blogger and I just wish I’ll be at least at my best.

Through writing, we can enumerate and emphasize our subject in broad sheet.

Honestly, I became busy simply because of Fishes.  I have this friend who has a big aquarium on his house, then he just encouraged us to have one, suddenly we found ourselves buying fishes, aquarium, which caused our budget broke.  At first I told her I don’t want to clean aquarium for I have no time, then he said might as well have this big crystal vase / bowl and put fish here.  I did, I bought pair of guppy and a molly of white color.

OMG, kinabukasan nanganak ang isa sa kanila ewan kung sino dahil I don’t have experience about fish.  The happiness I felt when I saw the small babies nila turned into sadness when I came home back from work na patay ang kalahati.  Na suffocate siguro so I decided to buy at least a comfortable home for them.  Ay gastos na naman, pero ayun ok naman kaso nung ilagay ko ang mga natirang maliliit na anak ng isda kinain naman ng mga gold fish at iba pang fishes.

Now I am thinking para ka rin palang nag alaga ng bata I mean ng tao, kakapagod as in kalokah. 

Paano na sila sa bakasyon ko, mabubuhay ba sila kasi what I have noticed eat lang sila ng eat eh hindi raw ok na nabubusog sila masyado.  Ay naku bahala na si Batman sa kanila.



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