Born on November…

I still can’t get it for people who intentionally moved their Natal day from November 01 to another day.  It is ironic, disturbing or unbalance they explain, celebrating your birthday during the feast of the deads. Although changing date of birthday for those who were born on Leaf Year is self-explanatory for statistics reasons.

If there is somebody who will remain as is or has no effect to his personality is my Batchmate from High School.  He will be forever debonair & smart Sir to me.  His comment that there are so many candles to be blown on his birthday was a xooper dooper mega like by me.  He is the only and very first I added as friend among my classmates & batchmates, when social networking site became rampant on web.  ‘Twas the fame of Friendster then.  When Facebook became a fast Hit on web, he is the Founder on how the alumnae  of our batch found channel of communications.  You will see notifications coming from him suggesting friends and posting bulletin.  His objective is to organize and unite us all but it could never be happened till the ( Accept, Ignore, Not Now, Unfriend, ) Tab/Button is still a click option.  You can change your birthday but Age never change attitude, pride & ego.  It is the present destined life status of others that opted them not to be remembered at all.  For me, the unforgettable and touching is the accidental seeing at glance with or without dialogue.  Happy birthday Sir!

November 02 is the birthday of my cousin and dear friend.  Up to now, he celebrates it gloriously with God, spent it fabulously with all.  Funny to hear that well-wishers are greeting him happy birthday during Daun/Undas. Very energetic and no qualms in performing all obligations and tasks assigned to him in all areas e.g. Church, Community, Office, and many others.  I told him at his age to take rest and not exhaust too much energy because at the end, a plaque or trophy is just a floating trash from flood caused by rains or typhoons. He said he is happy for what he is doing of all his extra-curricular activities as far as basketball programs  is concern.  We have lots of differences and I am always the Kontra-Bida for him, but honestly, I love doing it really dahil Pikon siya hehhe.  All my cousins specially my age are friends to me but he is exceptional for other reasons.  Definitely, we are One and harmoniously agreeing to support and help any church participation, barangay basketball liga, yes 100% the Singing Contest, Videoke and a lot more.  Wishing you a very happy birthday and may God showers you always a good health to continue the good values you have.

Of course, to my Brother whose birthday is on November 03, Happy Birthday!  Please quit smoking.  As a basketball Coach sometimes, don’t fight physically, instead be patient and considerate.  I will continue to pray to God for your success and be far from all sicknesses and to guide and help you forever.  Have a great day!

Lastly, my good friend who was born on November 1 but changed it to November 21,  wish you the best!    


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