What is All Saint’s Day?  What is All Soul’s Day?  How about Holloween?

I’m sorry but I can’t differentiate them hence I can only reminisce on how we celebrate it in our hometown.  But not the trick or treat party though.

When I am still young, the excitement is double when 1st of November is fast approaching.  Fortunately, if it falls on regular day of school, they will declare it as holiday, obviously there is no class.  There’s even a time that you will pray for No-No-November rain because can you imagine lighting a candle while rain pours.  Of course this will never be a fuss for Richie Cola (rich) or the lucky ones because they have a moseleo para con todo, choz, char!

Literally, no matter how abundant, grand or simple the feast is, it will never be an issue for our departed or the deads – our day of remembrance.  Poncio Pilato will say, do they hear us or see us anymore?  But when you feel or believe sincerity, the essence is there.

I personally would love and not cease to go to the cemetery/grave of those who have been part of me.  Our Lolas, Lolos, my Dad, brother, Titas, Titos, all of them.  It is only once a year, and this is how to emote the missing part or senti moment per se.

My friend has passed away like four years now. I’ll never forget him because he treated me so kindly.  During Daun, at night, there is a dance party/sayawan at the Gym.  Wala lang nood nood lang kami mahilig lang talaga magpuyat, sight-seeing baga, kain ng balot at b-b-q.  Pag medyo walang kakilala dance to the beat din kami.  Sabihin man nila na “Cheap” kami, for all I care, this is where we get the enjoyment, fun, happiness that others get from luxury. On my vacations, I will ask him to take a leave from his work so that I have a buddy to accompany me on whatever I feel to do.  Wherever you are now, thank you, I will never forget what you have said to me that you’ve seen and experience many thrilling things & moments because of me.

And through him, I became friend and good companion also to one Ate whom I really missed so deeply especially during my vacation to Philippines.  It’s a just simple life then, we almost spent the whole day to her house of no complains of our kakulitan, pagkakalat hehe at pag ubos ng pagkain nya.  She’ll even allow us to invade her master’s bed room even if his husband is there.  I’ll never forget when he asked to drive the tricycle for her to market the walis timbo that her in-laws brought from Baguio, oh yeah, first time drive a trike & I was able to drove it but not fully successful because had no choice but to walk & push it in our return trip.

Another friend will always be remembered and until now is on my dreams.  She is so funny and silly just like me if you know her deeply.  She’s older than me and during her pay day that time, she’ll treat us to watch movie, eat out, etc.  She will always cook pansit sotanghon guisado and prepare fruit salad for me.  Last encounter with her is when she managed to woke up early to catch me before my flight and gave me something.  At airport, I was excess baggage and damn to Airport staffs who took all my things but I didn’t give what my friend gave me, I didn’t know that it would be the last time, moment that we will talk and see each other.  Thank you for accepting me as your friend.

 On a lighter note, during Undas/Daun, I miss so many delectable food:

 Duman & Pilipit are always a pasalubong then, normally brought by relatives from Angeles City Pampanga.

Okoy, is so ok! So inviting and can’t help to salivate.  I prefer if they used grated green papaya and  for the sauce (suka, black pepper, garlic, chili). 


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