I’d like to greet belated happy birthday to my beautiful niece.  She was born on October 14, the youngest child of our eldest brother.  She’s so precious to her Dad, Mom and to her two eldest Brothers needless to say from all of us.

Likewise, I would like to greet advance happy birthday to my dear Sister on October 23.  She’s my partner and we’ve been through with ups and downs but with God’s grace, no matter how hard to deal with problems in life, I always say to her that love to the family is the most important.  This is the reason that urge us to fight and go on.  Happy birthday sis, God bless you more!

However, two special friends are also celebrating their birthdays this coming October 20 and October 29.

October 20 is the birthday of my friend from Iloilo now lives in Manila.  We are like brothers already, we used & always shared a flat/apartment for rent. Food, money is no issue to us.  He is the reason why I became fat because he is expert in cooking and baking.  Until now, if he gets time and happened that he cooked or baked something, he’ll never forget to share it through hand carry, special delivery thru common acquaintance, my neighbors, officemates, so shy heheh sorry to them.

Of course, my flat mate, cousin, friend, advisor, accountant, assistant, secretary, what else, he says these how I treat him. Perhaps or maybe, but for us, it is not a matter of degrading.  We helped each other and just like me, family comes first as the priority.  Our family is very closed because her mother is my mom’s friend, his brother is my brother’s friend, his sister is my sister’s friend, their bunso is also a dear one, etc.

To all of my friends, relatives, classmates, batch mates,  tropa, everyone I know, happy birthday!


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