Sweet Little Diva…

Whatever consolation you may hear or deserve, I still believe imperfection is a hindrance to success.  Probably I would simply say or connote the verse, ‘the road/path of the Just is narrow & dark”…

The unfortunate yet blessed 11 years old little girl “Kyla” was one of the Contestants in TV5’s Talentadong Pinoy Show. 

Video link:

http://www.channel-pinoy.net/watch/v-301069?title=TALENTADONG PINOY – OCT. 09, 2011 PART 5/6

http://www.channel-pinoy.net/watch/v-300922?title=TALENTADONG PINOY – OCT. 08, 2011 PART 5/6

The Host asked the Talent Scouts with regards to the performance of Kyla, The Sweet Little Diva.

Miss Lolit Solis took a deep breath and said that she has a very soothing voice like an angel, seconded & approved by Miss Regine Tolentino adding that her Mom must be very proud of her.  On the positive note, Mr. Joey Reyes conveyed a very meaningful message for all that Kyla is an example of how we should be brave and not let frustrations derail us just like the message of the song that, there’ll be a miracle, if we believe…BUT that miracle was missed by Kyla because she got a score of 79 (Below Good), from one of the Talent Scouts, was it Richard Gomez who gave that, for you to judge!  I remembered one Contestant from UP who performed as Aling Dionisia got a score of 75, and Richard Gomez was one the Judges also that time…I mean I am also eager to know who is giving such a very low score when in fact we are not perfect too.

But to Kyla, be happy, God loves the little children…I won’t say much, coz I don’t want to tear…..


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