Strange because I do not know what topic, I mean the appropriate subject or issue to be discussed or write herewith.  Perhaps it would be easy for me if I will blog regarding someone I truly admire, about showbiz which for some is “ka-cheapan” but for someone like me is always a thing that excites me somehow, ever…

Away from Philippines you would thought of subscribing to Filipino Channels so that you will be updated with the news of what is going on in your beloved homeland and to cope up boredom for some of our kababayans in the Middle East. There was only ABS-CBN “TFC” then,  until its major rival GMA7 “PinoyTV” was introduced.  In fact, Kapamilya and Kapatid Network are in one bundle via ORBIT-OSN Company.

Last night, I was very happy to watched Governor Vilma Santos in the show Anggulo.  Just wanna share the video with credits from: http://www.hapi-tv.com/video/4767/ANGGULO-10-05-PRODUCERS-CUT

Again is it a selling point why they feature her in one of TV5’ show to boost the rating of the mini-serye of Miss Nora Aunor?


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